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Other Entertainment for kids party

Are you interested in balloon sculpture and face painting for your children party? Check out our kids entertainment options for your children party! Ranging from balloon sculpting to face painting, we promise to keep your kids engaged!

Balloons Sculpting for kids parties- $150/h

Spice up your events and parties with balloons sculpting! Surely, no kid will refuse a brightly coloured balloon sculpture in their favourite shape. Parents, please get them to line up.

What does it include? For 1h, approx 20 kids can have a balloon sculpture each. For simpler designs, approx 30 kids can have a balloon sculpture each.

Disclaimer: As Jesse is highly sought after, her presence is subjected to her availability and the balloon artist for your event may vary. Do let us know if you require Jesse's service for your event and we will do our best to help you!


Contact us to book us for your event today!

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PAINTING for kids parties - $150/h

Have your child choose from a variety of designs to be hand-drawn onto their arms or face and rest assured as they sit back and enjoy a fun-filled face painting experience!

What does it include? For 1h, approx 15 to 20 kids can have their face painted.

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