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Magical Holiday Ideas

Ideas on how to spend your holidays


Don’t we all look forward to the holidays? Especially now - the ups and downs of 2020 have been a little more drastic this year. This should only serve as a reminder for us to appreciate every good thing we have in our lives, no matter how little. So let’s remind each other how important love and family is, and hug each other especially tighter this season! After all, it is our friends and our family that illuminates tis season to be brighter.

With the current pandemic that has invaded our lives - restricting our freedom a little - we might be running short of some ideas on how to spend our holidays. Maybe these unique, magical ideas might interest you - and might even result in becoming your new favourite holiday memories!

1. Pick up on new hobbies!

We might not be able to travel overseas and going out itself might be a little risky due to the ongoing pandemic, but there are still many things we can do in the comfort of our own homes. It has been increasingly trendy to be crafty lately! There are many kid-friendly hobbies you can pick up as a family. Here are some examples:


This hobby is not only easy to learn, but it is also therapeutic, fun, and practical. One thing that is so great about this is that one ball of yarn is enough to make several new fluffy products! Just a few tools and balls of yarn and you can make anything you want, ranging from little coasters to your very own clothes or stuffed animals. This can also be a neat idea for a personalised gift for your loved ones, which comes in handy for this merry season.

Bath bomb Making

Who doesn’t love sweet-smelling goodness? Bath bomb recipes include many things that are already found in your home. There are also ready DIY Bath Bomb kits that can be found in your neighbourhood toy store, which has all the ingredients ready! Not only do you get to experience the fun of making these bath bombs, but you and your kids can enjoy a magical, relaxing, fizzy, colour-filled bath afterwards. Watching these balls dissolve in the bath is like having your own magic show in Singapore!

Pottery Class

It sounds like a dream to be making your own shiny mugs and bowls. There are various options of classes in Singapore that teach pottery, and many that are kid-friendly too. Be creative and think outside the box - you and your kids can make ceramic figurines that they can keep forever. Doesn’t that sound like a magic-filled, fun time?

Learn Magic

Want a magical holiday? An obvious way is to learn magic itself this holiday and come up with a few tricks to show off to your relatives and friends! This is made easy with the Magic Set from True Vine kids Magic, which comes with a few magic tricks that are simple to learn, but a thousand times more impressive. A kids magic show is bound to impress anyone!

2. Volunteering - make the world a better place and give a hand to those who need it!

Christmas is not only a time to stress about presents, but also a reminder of sacrificial love. To give up one’s very self - to think only of others and how to bring the greatest happiness to others - that is the true meaning of Christmas (and also one of True Vine Kids Magic’s eternal goals). Kindness is free - sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

One way to remind yourself and your kids of this lesson is to volunteer to help the people who need it. One example is volunteering at The Food Bank Singapore which aims to feed the needy as well as reduce food wastage in Singapore. They even have a Food Bank Juniors Club for kids of 5 years to 12 where they’ll assist in sorting and packing food bundles.

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Another example could be as simple as picking up litter at your nearest beach! Not only will this be a fun and fulfilling time for you and your kids, but it will definitely be educational as well.

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3. Book your family a Magic Show performed by none other than our magician, Ian!

One other idea is to book a Magic Show in Singapore for a magical time! Not only will your kids be wowed, adults are also left puzzled by how these tricks work. Our magician Ian will give you and your kids a magic show they will never forget, as it won’t only be impressive, but it will also serve as an opportunity for an intimate, family bonding time filled with laughter and joy. If you're worried about the restrictions placed by COVID-19 health measures, our magician Ian can do virtual magic shows for you too that are still highly interactive and exclusive!

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