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Magic Shows for Kids Services

Magic Show for kids
in Singapore

Interested in a magic show for kids' parties? Look no further as we offer transparent and upfront prices here. Find out more about our exciting services and hire a magician in Singapore to enhance your children's parties today!

Interactive Magic Show for kids- $349 (30 mins)

Who is it for? Suited for age 4 to 8 inclusive.

What does it include? This will be a fully interactive magic show for kids, best suited for any type of kids' parties. You will find your kids screaming, laughing, and gasping in amazement with our silly children magic shows designed for little peeps! Parents… please don’t let them go wild...


Comes with a professional sound system!

For commercial engagements, please contact us.

Magician Ian Tan C.K From Singapore
Magic show for Kids

Magic Show for kids party- $489 (45 mins)

Who is it for? Suited for age 4 to 8 inclusive.

What does it include? A magic show for kids cannot be completed without a full theatre set. This upgraded magic show for kids will include a theatre brought to your place! Enjoy the interactive and silly magic show - upgraded with modern illusions and a theatrical setting! Little peeps, parents, friends, pets, experience fun with us! Customisations available on request. 

Comes with professional sound system & backdrop!


For commercial engagements, please contact us.

Closeup/ Roving Magic
Show - from $450/H

Who is it for? Suited for age 10 and up (for 1h, approx 80 pax can be covered)

What does it include? Are you looking for a slightly different magic show for kids that are older? Our closeup magic show for kids parties will let your guests experience sophisticated sleight-of-hand and mind-boggling illusions like what you see on TV. This will be delivered by our award-winning magicians! Your guests will be amazed and feel like a kid again. Customisations available on request. 


Enquire with us today and find out more!

Amy Khor - Senior Minister of State, Ministry for Transport. watching Close up Magic Show
Kids Magic Show


Magic Show for family day and carnivals

Please contact us for pricing

Who is it for? Companies, RCs and CCs organising family days and carnivals

What does it include? A 30 minutes family magic show suitable for all ages, coupled with comedy for the little children and mind-boggling magic for the adults. Contact us today!

Virtual Magic Shows

For corporate or public engagements, please contact us for pricing

Who is it for? Suited for anyone organising a kids party, online birthday party, or simply need online entertainment through a magic show!

What does it include? It includes a 30 minutes magic show for kids or even adults via online video conferencing platforms! Fully interactively,our magic shows are suitable for any kids entertainment be it for kids parties, or for corporate clients looking for appreciation events. Enjoy magic show for your kids online now! 


Customisations available on request. 

Zoom Video Magic show for Kids
Kids Birthday Party Magic show

Gospel Illusions - Singapore Gospel Magician

Have an outreach event? Don't know how to engage the people at your evangelical events? Fear not and let our Gospel magicians help you! Our Gospel illusion segment shares the Easter story in a visual manner, which especially attracts the attention of young souls. Should you require us to deliver a specific sermon or message, please let us know how we can help you. Let's share the message of salvation in a fun and engaging manner! Enquire to find out more!

NOTE: Our team will reiterate that only God does miracles, while what we do are only tricks. Please let us know if you have any concerns. 

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