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How to Plan a Children's Party

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

As party entertainers, having a perfect party is obviously a priority for us. We enjoy having a great party, but we’d love helping you achieve your dream party even more! We are aware that planning a party can be tedious because you will need to consider countless things. This is especially tricky if you’d like to keep things interesting throughout the party for kids, since they can be easily bored after a while. 

Planning a Children Kids Party
Planning a Party

We want your party to be amazing, and with your cooperation, we are sure it will be perfect! Here is the ultimate guide so as to plan the perfect party for your child. We have provided a party planning checklist alongside this article so ensure this is an easy process. Follow this list and be sure that you will avoid feeling frustrated, worrying if the party that you planned will not be good enough.

Party Planning Checklist
Download PDF • 124KB


  1. Party Theme

  2. Budget

  3. Guest List 

  4. Save the Date 

  5. Venue

  6. Food

  7. Send Invites 

  8. Decorations and Supplies 

  9. Entertainment 

  10. Present

Let's get started!

Party Theme 

Choosing a party theme and coming out with a party idea is the first step to having a successful and memorable party. Don’t stress that it has to be perfect. Enjoy the planning process and have fun with it. 

Children Kids Birthday Party Theme
Party Theme

If you don’t know where to begin, here are some of our tips for you.

  • Who is the guest of honour? It is important to be aware of their likes and dislikes to be able to plan a party of their dreams.

  • Consider what you are celebrating - a birthday, graduation, or Christmas party?

  • Personalise it  - this would be the touch of perfection for the guest of honor! Choosing a theme based on your child’s personality will be also expressing their individuality as well. Without a doubt, the party will be more memorable when personalised.

  • Talk to people about your idea and see what they think. They could probably be part of the brainstorming session - the more the merrier! 

  • Find out what’s trending. For example, Frozen themed parties are all the hype when the movie is released - therefore, it’s a foolproof choice if your child enjoys the movie!


This is one of the most important parts of planning but it can often be forgotten. Setting a budget will ensure that you will not burn a hole through your wallet after. It can also help you decide how big and how extravagant the party will be. Throughout the planning process, remember to always check back in to make sure that you do not exceed the set budget! Feel free to return to this step and make adjustments to the budget if needed to. 

Children Kids Birthday Party Planning Budget
Party Planning Budget

Do not feel like you have to follow this, but here is a rough gauge for you to begin with: Assume that you would have to pay $20 - $40 per person. Therefore, if you plan to have 50 guests, be prepared to have a budget up to $2,000. Of course, you are able to lower the budget by renting decorations and furniture (which we will talk about more later on). However, it is important to note that this does not include the venue for rent. 

The numbers and calculation may be confusing. Therefore, to make this step as simple and fuss free as possible, we have provided you a budget planning template in this article!

Party Planning Budget
Download PDF • 195KB

Guest List 

After deciding on the budget, you can easily decide on the number of people you would want to cater to. Invite close family and friends of the guest of honour. This can also be a get-together for old friends to catch up with each other.

Children Kids Birthday Party Guest List
Party Guest List

Here’s a tip - always invite the life of the party, the chatterbox, the charismatic ones. This ensures that your party won’t be boring when people don’t have much to talk about. Finally, do consider people that like or dislike each other - inviting the wrong people can potentially ruin the party. 

We have provided you a guest list template. Feel free to use it to effortlessly organise your potential invitees and those who have already RSVP'd!

Party Guest List
Download PDF • 136KB

Save the Date! 

Now that you have decided who you want to invite, let’s start choosing a date for the party! Let’s begin with choosing a date that will give you sufficient time to plan. The last thing you need is to give yourself too little time that planning the party would seem like a nightmare. 

Planning Children Kids Birthday Party Date
Planning Date of Party

Moving on to choosing a date that the majority of the invitees are able to make it. One solution is to ask around for their preferred date. This would be a good idea to make sure that you’d have full attendance (or try to!). If not, your next greatest idea would be eliminating the weekdays/working days. Try to plan it on a weekend or a public holiday - these are the days where people tend to be free. 


Location is an important factor for people to decide if they want to come to your party. Is it convenient? Are they able to get there through public transport? And if they are transporting with cars, will there be parking? 

It might be a good idea to book a venue that’s within a reasonable distance of the attendees’ homes. Alternatively, a potential location is where they can find and get to with ease. Most often than not, a more convenient location would give the invitees more incentive to attend your party. 

Next, make sure that all your invitees would comfortably fit in the venue. Needless to say, more invitees would require a bigger space. It is crucial that your guests feel comfortable for the few hours during your party. 

Children Kids Birthday Party Venue
Party Venue

Of course, there’s the option that you can have your party at home. We do like this option because it will help save cost. However, the downside is that it’d require more effort tidying up for the party and cleaning up after. 

Finally, the amenities. Tables, chairs and linens are another crucial part of a party that you cannot miss - but it is often forgotten until the very last minute. Check if the venue provides these items, because if they do, you’d be able to save a great deal of money. If it doesn’t, we would recommend renting them at a low cost to be more cost efficient. 


If your venue provides catering, then you pretty much do not have to do a ton for this step other than choosing the food you’d like at your party. In cases where your venue does not provide food, some would cook their own food or order delivery from their favourite fast food restaurant. 

However, we would suggest that you order from caterers. They specialise in providing food for a large crowd and will be able to recommend the right amount to order based on how many guests you are inviting. 

Do take note that catering services and venues tend to be fully booked on weekends and public holidays. If you are planning to have your party then, book in advance! We cannot stress this enough. 

Children Kids Birthday Party Food Catering
Party Food Catering

Finally, the cake. This is not only applicable if you are hosting a birthday party. We will never say no to a cake on any other occasions! Providing a cake at a party is foolproof - everybody will enjoy it. Feel free to order a cake from your favourite bakery, or have them custom made. A tip is to call in beforehand so that the cake will be available on the day of the party. 

Send Invites

Now moving on to the fun part, letting people know about the party that you have been planning! This has got to be one of the most exciting parts of the planning process. It’s best to send out your invites at least 2-4 weeks in advance so your invitees have enough time to RSVP. If it is a holiday party, such as Christmas - send out your invites early before your invitees make holiday / travel plans.

Children Kids Birthday Party Invitation Cards
Party Invitation Cards

Do not worry about designing an invite template because we have included one for you! We also made sure that you could personalise it based on each invitee. Creating a personalised invitation captures their attention, and they will less likely forget to attend your party. In fact, I’m sure that they will note your party in their calendar right away!

Party Invitation Card
Download PDF • 38KB

Decorations & Supplies

No party is ever complete without nice decorations. Especially when trying to entice and attract children, there should be a ton of colourful decorations. Decorations should also be in sync with your party theme. For example, if it is a Frozen themed party, be sure to include Elsa and Anna on the walls and balloons!

We would recommend renting decors if you can, since you won’t be needing them anytime soon. However, if you have to purchase these decorations, start finding them early online to find reasonably priced items. After all, they would need some time to be delivered. The extra time can also serve as a buffer period just in case the items that were delivered were not what you expected. 

Children Kids Birthday Party Decorations and Supplies
Party Decorations and Supplies

If you forgot some decorations and are making some last minute purchases, you’d probably have to visit a store physically. There are wholesale party supplies and decorations packages available for purchase as well. Do your research prior to buying to ensure that you get the best deals! During decoration shopping, do not forget to check back in with your set budget!


Having mentioned that you should include balloons in your party, we should probably tell you that balloon sculpting is a great hit at a children’s party. Not only do they get a front row seat to a magnificent show, they get to keep them as souvenirs! A professional balloon sculptor never ceases to impress these kids, and will be able to entertain them for some time. After all, the main purpose is to let these kids enjoy the special day, am I right? 

Balloon Sculpting Singapore
Balloon Sculpting Singapore

To make the party more interesting for everyone (that’s right, adults will be able to enjoy this as well), is to have a magic show. How fun would that be? A magician for children is all the hype these days. The smiles that magicians put on children’s faces are irreplaceable and magical to look at. Magic shows tend to be engaging and interactive - it will make the kids special when the magician chooses them to participate in a magic trick! Both children and adults will definitely have the best time!

Children's Magic Show Singapore
Magic Show Singapore

Finally, you can incorporate fun games and activities to keep the little ones occupied and fascinated for a longer period of time.

Again, do book these services early if your party is over the weekend or on a public holiday as they are easily fully booked then. 


To wrap up the perfect party, you would need the perfect present for the little one! There are all sorts of presents that children will love. However, we think that interactive and engaging presents are those that will truly be remembered overtime. There are many gift guides online that you can read up on and get some inspiration. 

Children Kids Birthday Party Presents
Party Presents

If you do not know where to begin, here are some factors that you can consider:

  • Consider their age. Get them gifts that are suitable and safe for their age. 

  • What is trending right now? Kids tend to compare their games and their belongings with each other. I’m sure that they would like something that is trendy and fun!

  • What do they like? Some kids like to read books more than playing games, and some the other way around. Knowing their likes and dislikes will be able to help you decide on a gift very soon. 

Here is the ultimate guide to planning your perfect party. Have fun with it and be sure to contact us to enquire our services or just to ask some questions! We would be happy to help in any way we can. Good luck!

Files included:

Party Planning Checklist
Download PDF • 124KB
Party Planning Budget
Download PDF • 195KB
Party Guest List
Download PDF • 136KB
Party Invitation Card
Download PDF • 38KB

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