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Magic Will Save Your Party

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

2020 needs a magician. Or more. People weren’t kidding when they called it a year of change. Surviving this year may take a hefty amount of luck for most, some might even say miraculous. Celebrations have come and gone, mostly held at home with little fanfare. But it isn’t anything a little serving of magic can’t save. In fact, magic could potentially turn your year right-side up.

Smiles can be magical too!

Children Entertainment by True Vine Kids' Magician, Ian Tan

Children fascinated by True Vine Kids' Magician, Ian Tan at a client's children party.

Picture this: you’re on a Zoom call with your family. It’s your favourite baby niece’s 5th birthday. They’ve just finished with the cake-cutting. What now? Everyone starts looking awkwardly at each other, with murmurs filling in the silence. Bummer.

Or your company’s online townhall meeting just ended. Numbers are looking better than expected, it’s a cause for celebration. The last speaker, before wrapping up, asks if there’s any questions, only to be answered by silence. Everyone is muted and has their cams turned off. A momentous occasion punctuated by awkwardness and wasted potential.

Avoiding those situations may be hard, especially with limited resources. Budgets may be tightened but you can’t put a price tag on morale, especially in a year stuck in routine and less-than-pleasant circumstances. For times like this, a positive spark or two might be invaluable, we could always do with more causes for celebration! Modern problems require modern solutions — an online magic show can deliver as much joy and laughter as one in the flesh. And you’re not limited to a show, you can even get personal magic workshops designed to fit a family gathering, a corporate team building activity or even an employee appreciation event.

Magic retains its charm online and offline.

True Vine Kids Magic's Virtual Magic Show

Children enjoying a Virtual Magic Show with Magician, Ian Tan.

Furthermore, you can even be a part of the show, customising it to your preference — magicians wear a multitude of hats, and they don’t just contain bunnies. Not just entertainers, they can double up as hosts, balloon sculptors or even face painters. Call it bespoke, call it tailored, a customised show will definitely leave an impression. Imagine incorporating a personal detail into the act or having your child participate in a mind-blowingly brilliant trick, the possibilities are endless!

Magic saves the day again!

True Vine Kids Magic's Virtual Magic Show

Testimonial by Apple Oh, who had attended True Vine Kids Magic's Virtual Magic Show.

How does magic make its way into your event or party? With a bang, of course. Just by mentioning that a magician is invited, the room gets abuzz with conversation. “What tricks will he/she do? Would I have seen it before? I have a friend who’s a magician!”. Now that you’ve piqued their curiosity, it’s time to hold their attention — the show is about to begin! Be it a whole suite of tricks, interactive shows or even professional set-ups, you can expect that there’s a bevy of party packages catering to your entertainment needs. An immersive and interactive magic show, balloon sculpting services, hosting of cake-cutting ceremonies, your party will be the talk of the town with a generous sprinkling of magic.

The mystery is part of the fun!

Magic show for Kids

True Vine Kids' Magician, Ian Tan, performing magic and entertaining at a client's children birthday party.

Whether you’re young or old, one thing remains certain: everyone loves a good show. More so if you’re not just passively watching, but actively participating as well! Good news, magicians are great at getting up close and personal. The charm and fascination with the magician’s tricks will have everyone leaning in, eager to uncover the secrets underneath. Of course, that is part of the performance, enticing and engaging your guests with their own imagination and fascination. Think of a magic show as a roving carnival, with entertainment just waiting around every corner.

Will wonders never cease?

Magician for Kids

Happy children entertained by Magician, Ian Tan's performance at a client's party.

Jazz up birthday celebrations, your baby’s 100th day celebration or even raise morale with light-hearted entertainment — you can cater to all guests, young or young at heart, with a touch of magic. Depending on the size or venue of your party or event, you can choose to have it right in front of them, or on a raised platform for dramatic flair. The best part of this approach? Everyone gets their chance to interact when you have a smaller party or are hosting one online! Whatever platform you may choose, you’ll be bound to see smiles all around, from kids to adults alike.

Suitable for all occasions!

Amy Khor - Senior Minister of State, Ministry for Transport. watching Close up Magic Show

Magic performed by True Vine Kids' Magician, Ian Tan, at a corporate event for one of its clients.

The magic doesn’t end there, you can even pick up some handy tricks yourself! All it takes are some props and tutorials. Of course, it won’t beat hiring a professional magician, but it makes for great party entertainment. Take our True Vine Magic Kids’ Magic Set for instance — inclusive of a Magic Colouring Book, Ball and Vase Magic Trick, Cup and Balls, Pencil Through Ball, and a full instructional video as well. With this, your kids and you will have hours of fun figuring and practicing neat magic tricks, designed to dazzle your friends and family. Imagine your first experience being impressed by a magic trick, now your loved ones get to share that awesome feeling as well!

Kids Magic Show

Still on the fence? Watch our showreel and hear from our satisfied customers. Of course, if you are unsure of what you may expect, you can always discuss with your friendly children magician on what your needs are and they will advise accordingly. A little magic goes a long way, and joyous memories of wondrous occasions will always stay.

Interested in saving your party with magic? We’re just a click away or email me maybe? You can also call me, beep me, if you want to reach me at +65 9234 6300.

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