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Morale meets Magic.

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

New norm, new challenges — the ways in which we engage with people have to evolve. But one thing remains constant, the need to engage people around us. Be it corporate functions, employee appreciation ideas or even family day events, these activities are necessary to keep morale high.

After all, no one wants to come into a place that is unfeeling, or focused purely on productivity. That being said, it is easier said than done, as there are many considerations in place such as budget, logistics and even location. Think of it as a worthwhile investment into your community.

With the rise of me-time and self-care, work-life balance has been increasingly prioritised in the present. Simply put, a few hours or a day set aside for rest and recreation do wonders for the individual. Recreating that sense of joy can be done through surprising encounters designed to amaze. One tried, tested and proven way to do so? Magic, of course.

Kids Magic Show

True Vine Kids' Magician, Ian Tan, performing at a children's party.

Children’s Day is right around the corner, what better way to entertain your loved ones than with a magic show? Nothing brightens up the day more than pure fascination upon witnessing a spellbinding trick.

The best part about hiring a magician? You get a personal encounter no matter the size or venue! Adding a spark to a private party with your kids and their friends? Done. Jazzing up your company’s Dinner & Dance (D&D) with impressive tricks? No problem. A spectacular show to round up your employee appreciation day activities? Perfect.

Online or offline, there are a ton of options for you to choose from, depending on your needs. With the gradual transition back to what we are familiar with, magic shows can be scaled and customised to your preference — you can consult your magician to find the best fit for your objective.

Virtual Magic Show by True Vine Kids Magic

Virtual Magic Show that was held in August 2020, by Ian Tan from True Vine Kids Magic.

If you have any reservations about holding a virtual magic show, fret not. With the wonders of technology and a variety of online platforms to choose from, your show will go on without a hitch. Holding a live magic show can be as immersive and engaging as a physical one, with the sessions being a deeply personal encounter for each participant. If being cooped at home without any entertainment makes your kids antsy, a magic show might just do the trick — trying to figure out secrets behind the magic can occupy them for hours or even days!

private event a little magic trick with metal rings

Magician Ian Tan from True Vine Kids Magic, teaching attendees of a private event a little magic trick with metal rings..

Besides being fully interactive, virtual magic shows can fit into any form of kids entertainment lineup, from your usual kids’ parties, or even corporate clients seeking employee appreciation and engagement activities for their families. Moreover, you can do a follow-up from the magic show with a magic workshop, teaching them the ropes to become budding magicians themselves! Some might even be surprised to find out they have the flair or aptitude, taking magic up as a hobby or turning into amateur magicians.

Close-up magic show for children's party

Magician Ian Tan, demonstrating a close-up magic trick with cards at a children's party.

A fan of face-to-face encounters with the magical kind? Bring the wow factor to your event with a fully interactive magic show, a close up or roving magic show, mini-theatre show or even a stage magic show. Each show has its own spin, catering to different audiences and venues. From birthday parties, corporate events or even community gatherings, there is a format that can help you deliver entertainment in generous portions.

mini-theatre Magic show for a private children's birthday party

Magician Ian Tan from True Vine Kids Magic, hosting a mini-theatre show for a private children's birthday party.

A fully interactive magic show or mini-theatre show would best suit a private birthday party — the kids would adore the attention and tricks up close and personal, you can hold this at your own home, or even book a function room to facilitate this. Of course, a magician would have professional equipment dedicated to conducting a brilliant show, be it sound systems, props or even balloon sculpting supplies.

Ian Tan from True Vine Kids Magic

Ian Tan from True Vine Kids Magic, interacting with attendees of a corporate networking event and demonstrating illusion tricks.

Hosting a cocktail party or the like? While your guests mingle and network with each other, a roving magician can add flavour to the party. By involving them with demonstrations involving sleight-of-hand or illusions, you can create a noticeable buzz on the floor, giving your guest more food for thought, keeping the conversations alive with excitement and curiosity.

Stage magic show for Kids by Ian Tan

Ian Tan from True Vine Kids Magic performing a stage magic show at Sentosa' Coliseum for a client's 25th Anniversary.

If you are organising a family day gathering or carnival, add a dramatic flair to your lineup of activities with a stage magic show. A thrilling stage show can even be the centrepiece — you can even work out the nitty-gritty details with your magician, incorporating themes or even comedy routines. It also gives your schedule a good segue into important announcements afterwards, with an engaged audience.

Based on your requirements, you can also tailor an experience in consultation with your magician, customised projects are as equally magical for you as it is for the entertainer. Wedding proposals, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate training sessions, there is something for everyone. If you don’t know where or how to start, we have resources for you to tap into.

Adults amazed by Magician Ian Tan's tricks with metal rings

Adults amazed by Magician Ian Tan's tricks with metal rings at a corporate event.

In a time where we often reflect upon our lives, it is always good to have a breather and rekindle the wide-eyed innocence that gives us hope for the future. Perhaps it’s time to learn from children once again, to reopen our hearts and minds to the spectacle of magic. Let’s put the magic back in morale to keep our spirits up.

Need a morale booster? Try a generous dose of magic, you might enjoy it more than you think. Contact us and we can work out a show that suits your agenda, be it for corporate or personal functions.

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