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Are Magic Shows for Parties Necessary?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hiring a magician might not seem like much… Some might even think that it is just additional expenses that you are unwilling to spend. However, it will surprise you how many benefits there are by hiring a magician to your parties and how it can uplift the crowd. A bonus is that your guests will never forget you and your party!

This article will allow you to have a further understanding of how magic shows can positively affect you and your guests. You can also learn what to expect when you decide to incorporate a magic show at your parties. Leave us a comment and let us know if you have more questions!


  1. Suitable for All Ages 

  2. Entertaining for All 

  3. Customisable 

  4. Memorable Experience 

  5. All in One 

What Kinds of Magic Are There?

Some of you might not be familiar with the various kinds of magic there is. Magic is not only performed for large crowds in theatres or talent shows. Magic is performed up close when you have an intimate setting. Everyone is usually within 10-feet of the magician. This can be performed at weddings, private parties, restaurants or at cocktail receptions. You name it and your magician would be able to deliver!

Close-Up Magic Show Singapore
Close-Up Magic

If you have a large crowd, do not worry. Magicians will be able to get on a stage and perform for all, while making sure that every single one of your guests will get to personally experience the thrill from the magic show. 

Finally, even with the world-wide pandemic that we are facing, magicians do not want to compromise on the entertainment and smiles that they could bring to you. Therefore, there are virtual magic shows available now! These virtual magic shows can be incorporated in your private parties as a virtual party entertainment. The possibilities are endless! 

Magic Show at a Private Party Singapore
Magic Show at a Private Party

Moving on, here are all our reasons why we strongly believe that including a magic show will be able to value-add to your parties and events.

Suitable for All Ages 

Worried that you might not be able to entertain the kids at the party, and they would be running around making a scene? Worried that your guests do not like the song being sung, or if the dance being performed will bore them? Fearing that your guests will leave early with some made up excuse? 

This is why we believe that having the best entertainment at your party is very important. A good entertainment is capable of easing the tension among guests, letting them feel comfortable, as well as making them keen to stay around longer. One of the best entertainment that we know of and stand by is to have a magic show for your guests. 

Magic Show Singapore
Magic Show Singapore

Let’s begin with the most obvious point - magic shows are suitable for everyone of all ages. As entertainers, we have intrigued and fascinated many clients from ages 4 to 60. This will definitely stand out from other parties that your guests might have attended. This is because little to no one would expect a magic show at an event. There will be magic suitable for everyone. It is basically a one size fits all entertainment. Therefore, when lost for how to plan a party and entertain your guests, we will no doubt turn to magic entertainment. 

Entertaining for All 

If interactive and engaging entertainment is one factor that you’d consider, hiring a magician would be your best solution. You do not need to worry if you have 5 guests or 50 guests. It also does not matter if your event is a wedding, formal event, or a private party. You can trust a magician to entertain them all at any setting, and not one guest would leave without being amused!

Magic Show for All Ages Singapore
Magic Show for All Ages

An experienced magician would be able to perform and fascinate every single one of your guests - by performing on stage for the large crowd, or close-up magic for the small group. Just let your magician know, and they will be able to take it from there. 


Any magic expert should be able to tailor every performance and magic trick based on your crowd. Be sure to communicate with the magician that you are hiring so as to ensure that you would have a satisfactory experience. Let them know what you expect, how many guests you have invited, as well as your party theme.

Themed Party Magic Show Singapore
Themed Party Magic Show

We believe that it is a magician’s utmost responsibility to customise their performance to suit your event as much as possible. After all, a magic show is to boost your party experience, am I right? Do not worry if you have forgotten any pointers during the discussion with your magician. Magic shows can be customised at short notice as well! 

Memorable Experience 

Magic shows are known to wow people because they seem impossible. Many tend to watch these performances in disbelief, wondering how the magician made these tricks possible. The experience might linger in their minds for days, still baffled at the performance. Some might even try to do their own research and debunk the trick. They basically could not get the performance out of their head - and this is what magicians aim for. An unforgettable and intriguing experience for you and your guests.

Memorable Close-Up Magic Show Singapore
Memorable Close-Up Magic Show

Some might be so interested that they decide to pick up magic and be a magician! Having a memorable performance at your event will also lead to your guests never forgetting about your special party. You always be known as the one with the ‘cool performance’ at their party!

All in One

A magician would be prepared with all the necessary equipment for the magic performance. The microphone and speaker to ensure that every guest would be able to hear, as well as all the magic accessories and supplies will be covered by the magician. You would be surprised at how easy it is to hire a magician. All you need to do is to contact the magician you would like to hire, and let them know what you expect. Magicians are basically your solution to easily plan a successful party and uplift the mood of all your guests. 

Magician Singapore Magic Show
Magician Singapore

Here are our reasons why we would always hire a magician at a party, and why you should too! Be sure to contact us to enquire our services or to simply ask questions! We would be happy to help in any way we could. Good luck!

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